How To: Create a New Survey 

1 To create a new survey go to the My mEMA menu and click "Create Surveys".

2 Here you can either choose an existing survey from the drop down menu or create a new survey using the blue Add Survey icon. 

Note: On this screen you can also select other users in your group and give them permission to edit and assign this survey by checking their name in the "Editors" column.

3 Clicking into any title field will present the survey editing icons. 

   This will open up the editing wizard. Below is a snapshot of the window where the survey title is set.

    Click here for a reference on the uses of each icon.

4 In the Short Text box type a name for your survey.
You will see that the Long Text and Analytics Code boxes will be filled in with whatever you just typed. These can be changed after something has been entered into the Short Text box.


  • Short Text and Analytics Codes have a character limit of 40 characters. If they're longer than 40 characters it can cause survey uploads to fail.
  • The Analytics Code must always be written in capital letters with no spaces. Click here for guidelines on creating Analytics Codes.

    5 Click "Set Parameters" to save the new survey.

Note: Significant changes to survey structures and data types should never be made after a survey has been used to collect live data. This can break the data already collected.

  • If changes are required after data collection has begun, the survey should be copy and pasted, and the changes made to the new copy.

Click here to continue to the next article: Adding Questions

Whenever you are ready to use the survey on your device in the mEMA app, click here or go to the Survey Assignment Folder for instructions.