How To: Add questions to an existing survey

Click into the long text box at the section level to bring up the toolbar then click the "Add Question" icon Screenshot 2016-10-03 18.06.22.png 

The "Add Question" Screenshot 2016-10-03 18.06.22.png icon will insert a new question below the current one. By default, it's a Text Entry question.

     Each question has green arrows that allow you to move them up or down to change the order.

3 Click the "Edit Question" Screenshot 2016-10-03 17.58.53.png icon to open up the Question Editing Wizard, or open the drop-down to select a different question type. Upon selection the Question Editing Wizard will open.

    The Wizard is slightly different for each question type but the basic components are the same:

Basic Question Components

Question #: This is the identifying number assigned to the question, and is used when setting up dependencies.

Value: This number is used to identify the answer selected by the participant in the Flat Data File, and in dependencies. NOTE: Values can be changed to a different number, but do not set them to 0. Some devices may interpret the 0 as a null value instead of a numeric zero. Values should be a positive, non-zero number.

Short Text: This is the title for your question. This is what you will see in the Survey editing pages to help identify your questions. It doesn't appear in the app or the Flat Data File.

Long Text: This is where to enter the text that will be displayed to the participant, explaining the question.
  • The following characters cannot be used in long text:

          & +

Analytics Code: This text will appear as the column header in the data file; it is how you will identify this question and the data collected. 
  • The Analytics Code field will automatically populate when Short Text is entered but it can be changed.
  • It is important that each question in the entire survey has a unique Analytics Code otherwise they will overwrite each other in the data table.
  • Be sure the analytics code is written in CAPITAL_LETTERS with underscores instead of spaces. 
    Click here to learn more about analytics codes.

Responses: How responses are structured differs depending on the type of question you are creating. 
  • Enter something new into each field.
  • Each response option must have its own unique Short Text, Long Text and Analytics Code.
  • Once the edits are complete press "Set Parameters"
  • If the "Set Parameters" button is not active it is because the default text in one or more fields has not been changed or the format is wrong.
  • The following characters cannot be used in responses:

          & +

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