By default all questions will appear to all respondents (in line with the rules of conditional questions). If you want to make any specific question appear only to selected members of your participant pool then follow these steps.

Open the question's editing window. Next the "Dependencies" box you will see a "Create Respondents List" icon:

This opens the Limit Access Box as shown in the image:

Once you follow these steps this question will only appear to the respondents you have selected.

When you return to the Survey Editor you will now see the message "Has Limited Respondent List" in the question wizard box. Any question not marked as such will continue to appear to every respondent. You can also use the dependencies box to make this question dependent
 on previous responses as with any other question.

Note: Significant changes to survey structures and data types should never be made after a survey has been used to collect live data. This can break the data already collected.

  • If changes are required after data collection has begun, the survey should be copy and pasted, and the changes made to the new copy.