Use the Scheduled type when you want to make a survey available at a specific, pre-determined time. When you select "Scheduled" from the drop down menu an additional pop-up window will open up. This provides 20 lines for you to schedule up to 20 instances of the survey. Complete each line (or as many as you need) with:

• Date: In the format MM/DD/YYYT
• Time: Hour, Minutes (00, 15, 30, 45) AM/PM
• Press "OK".

Example schedule

The survey will be available at this time for the duration of the Survey Availability Window, which you can set from the "Configure Momentary Parameters" box.

Note: Unlike the other survey schedule types, Scheduled Surveys do not have a Start/End date, and so the date that the assignment was created will show as the Start/End date in the "Assignments" table.