Each time you add a new account a new mobile code is generated.

To begin, click the “Invite a Contact” icon on your My Home page. 

This will open the Create Participant Account window. Once there:

  • Add a screen name
  • In the email field type "no_email".
  • In the password field type "no_password".
  • Add to a group.
  • Press "Create Account"

Be aware no invitation will be sent (no email address was entered) as participants are included via the mobile codes you distribute.

A new account, with associated Mobile Code, will be created.

Use the People Finder tool to search for the new account.

This will open the People Finder window.

Screenshot People Finder tool results

Click the Surveys icon (clipboard) to assign surveys to the new account. 

TIP: Create plenty of accounts first and fill in the details later. This is so you don't have to redo the group assignments repeatedly as changing an entire group setting will override individual customizations.

This video explains how we identify participants and their data in the mEMA system without using any Personally Identifying Information (PII).