There are 4 types of geolocation services available on the mEMA apps.

  1. Survey: (Apple and Android). Capturing GPS coordinates at the time a survey is opened. Available on both Apple and Android.
  2. Periodic location sampling: 

    (Android only)*.

     GPS coordinates are collected for a specified time then not collected for another period of time. For example, GPS is collected for one minute then not for the next nine minutes. Then it is again collected for another minute.
  3. Distance / Time change: (Android only)*. When the phone moves a certain distance and a certain amount of time has passed, then GPS coordinates will be taken. 
  4. Geofencing: (Apple and Android). An EMA survey can be triggered when users enter or exit a specified radius of a particular GPS point.

Note: Only one of options 2-4 can be enabled for any individual.

 - if periodic sampling is enabled, time/distance sampling is disabled

 - if time/distance sampling is enabled, periodic sampling is disabled

 - if geofencing is enabled, then both period sample and time/distance sample are disabled

***The box "Location at time of survey" in Momentary Parameters must be checked for any other Geolocation service to work.

More details on each of these is contained in the proceeding articles. 

* If you set either the periodic location or distance/time change parameters then Apple phones will collect a GPS sample whenever the app is open and in the foreground (i.e. actively being used). Apple device will not collect GPS data while the mEMA app is in the background or closed.