This feature allows you to specify a location sampling duty cycle, that is, capture location data for a specified period (in minutes), pause for a period, then begin location capture again. For example, you may choose to capture GPS data for one minute then pause for 9 minutes, thus capturing location samples for one minute of every 10 periodically throughout the day.

This feature can be turned on for any user or any group in your study. 

User Set Up

Navigate to the "Configure Momentary Parameters" window. 

Under GEO TRACKING select Periodic. Then in the two right hand columns the number of minutes on and off. 

Location data will be collected at least once (and likely much more) during the "on" period. The actually frequency of data collection depends on the mobile device being used. Location will be logged within the "on" period when a change in location is detected.

Note: At least one survey must be assigned to the user in order for the geo tracking to work.

***The box "Location at time of survey" in Momentary Parameters must be checked for any other Geolocation service to work.

Finding your Data

Use the "View GPS Data" icon on the My Surveys to access the data for any user.