From the Sensor Data Table, click on the icon below to view the participant's Acceleration Data Table:

The table lists samples in reverse chronological order, i.e. starting with the most recent. Due to the high sampling rate these tables can get large very quickly. Only the first 100 samples are displayed. To download the complete data file for the participant, click on the "Download CSV" link.

Data TypeDefinition
sbj_id, rsp_id
The mEMA user ID of the participant
The Mobile Code of the participant
The date and time the sample was taken in UTC to the millisecond
UTC timestamp of when sample was taken
X, Y, Z
Degree of acceleration in each plane in units of g-force
avgAverage acceleration (iOS only)
timezone_offsetDifference in minutes from device time to UTC
addedThe date and time that the sample was upload
upload_tsUTC timestamp of when sample was uploaded