From the Sensor Data Table, click on the icon below to view the participant's Audio Data Table:

The table lists samples in reverse chronological order, i.e. starting with the most recent. Only the first 100 samples are displayed. To download the complete data file for the participant, click on the "Download CSV" link.

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Data TypeDefinition
sbj_id, rsp_idThe mEMA user ID of the participant
mbl_codeThe Mobile Code of the participant
dte_tmeThe date and time the sample was taken in UTC to the millisecond
tsUTC timestamp of when sample was taken
svy_idThe mEMA ID of survey if sample taken while survey open
instance_idThe mEMA ID of survey instance if sample taken while survey open
timezone_offsetDifference in minutes from device time to UTC
smp_cntSample Count
Number of audio samples recorded at 16KHZ
max_amp, min_ampMax Amplitude, Min Amplitude
Range of the amplitude
max_amp_abs, min_amp_absMax Amplitude Absolute, Min Amplitude Absolute
Greater of the negative min or positive max
Mean of all values
mean_amp_absMean Absolute
Mean of absolute range
Median of amplitude
rmsRoot Mean Sum
Root mean sum of amplitude (standard measure of average audio measure)
Variance of amplitude of all points in sample
std_devStandard Deviation
Square root of deviance
(Android only)
Voice Activity
Number of frames in audio sample in which voice activity is detected

Important note: This data is only captured on Android devices. Voice Activity is not captured on iOS. 
addedThe date and time that the sample was uploaded
upload_tsUTC timestamp of when sample was uploaded

StDev/Max: maximum Standard Deviation of all recordings (% of max)

How data is collected, delivered and stored.

1. Phone mic records audio sample. 

    Duration and frequency of sample controlled by researcher

2. Audio sample processed immediately on phone.

3.Key metrics extracted from sample.

4. Audio metrics, not the original sample are sent to secure ilumivu database.
Stored without PII

5. Audio sample deleted from phone. 

        Can never be restored.