Audio Data

You can find Audio data along with the other data in the Sensor Data Tables page.

Sample Count: number of audio samples recorded at 16KHZ

Min/Max: range of the amplitude 

Abs Max: greater of the negative min or positive max

Mean: mean of all values

Abs Mean: mean of absolute range

Median: median of amplitude

RMS: root mean sum of amplitude (standard measure of average audio measure) 

Variance: variance of amplitude of all points in sample

Standard Deviation: square root of variance

StDev/Max: maximum Standard Deviation of all recordings (% of max)

Vox_Act: number of frames in audio sample in which voice activity is detected

How data is collected, delivered and stored.

1. Phone mic records audio sample. 

    Duration and frequency of sample controlled by researcher

2. Audio sample processed immediately on phone.

3.Key metrics extracted from sample.

4. Audio metrics, not the original sample are sent to secure ilumivu database.
Stored without PII

5. Audio sample deleted from phone. 

        Can never be restored.

About using the app for audio recordings

  • Audio files are stored on the phone for as long as the mEMA app remains on the phone. 

  • After the survey availability window is closed - the duration of which is controlled by the researcher – the files are not accessible to anyone who picks up the phone.

  • Once the files are sent up to the secure ilumivu database they are available for download to the researcher. 

More on setting up audio recording coming shortly