Issue: Participant is not receiving alerts.
Alerts consist of a sound and notification badge appearing on the mobile screen.
1 Ask the participant to verify that the mEMA app has permission to send alerts on their device More

2 Setup and assign a test survey to the participant. Check to allow "See All Instances"

    Together, walk through the following steps:
    If you are not together in person, the user should send you screenshots during the following:

        1 The participant opens their assignments and clicks the list icon next to the test survey

        The alert schedule is now in view. Verify that the alert is scheduled to arrive at the expected time. 

        3 If the schedule is accurate navigate back to the home screen of the device and wait for the alert

        4 If the schedule is not accurate upload again

3 Make sure an alert sound has been setup on their device

4 Remind the participant to use the mobile device's Home Button when navigating away from the app so it continues to run in the background. If the user sees the First Screen when opening mEMA that means the app has been shut down. This can happen when other apps takeover data and memory, or when the user double clicks home and swipes upward (on an iPhone).

5 Delete the test survey assignment and assign the survey you wish to use, then ask the participant to upload again. 

6 Verify that the "see all instances" option is checked and repeat step 2

If you wish, uncheck "see all instances"and ask the user to sync again.

Make a note of the next expected alert and at that time check in with your participant.

9 If the user did not receive the alert as expected please click here to run through these other troubleshooting tips before creating a ticket in our Help Desk.