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Assignment The allocation of a survey to a participant specifying the schedule type and time frame. 

Analytics Code The letters and numbers associated with a question, unless changed it matches the Short Text set.

Compliance Dashboard Provides a quick overview of assignments and how often a participant has responded. 

Create Schedule From Parameters Simply another term for "Save".

Data Table The format for survey response data, accessible in the Create Surveys page through the Flat Data File icon.

Dependencies Also referred to as "conditional questions", used to assign follow-up questions depending on the response the participant provides.

Form An optional level of organization within a survey, a survey can be divided into forms and then sections.

Flat Data File The data table of survey responses available for online viewing and downloading as CSV

Instance A single survey response identified by its timestamp.

My Codes Screen The initial screen shown when the app is being used for the first time, where the unique mobile code is entered

Override Text Validation The system requires an entry in each field. If so some reason you need to leave a field blank then use this function.

Participant  The person who has been assigned the survey. Also referred to as "Respondent".

Participant Account The mobile code and screen name used to identify a survey participant.

Participant Profile We use the term Participant Account.
Piping When the text of a survey question is populated by an answer from a previous question.

Question ID # Each question in a survey has a unique number for use in dependency and piping. The number is located in red to the left of the question box.

"Respondent" The person who has been assigned the survey. Also referred to as "Participant".

Response The answer a participant provides to any given question within a survey. 

Section An optional level of organization within a survey which can be used within a form.

Set Parameters "Save Changes"

Short Text The title for a question.

Sync Updating information through upload and download. All survey assignments are updated, and all response data is uploaded.

Type The way the survey is scheduled (momentary, repeating, on-demand, etc)

User The person using mEMA to administer surveys.

Value The numerical value assigned to a response in a survey questionThis value is used as the reference for dependencies (a.k.a. conditional questions). When downloading the Flat Data File the value will be a column header unless a different preference is selected.