To assign a survey to someone other than yourself, or to a group, go to 'People Finder' kvpDd_mYvYcuybkjdmeTFtSdqiz3OEVdvw.png 

Search for the participant's account and use the 'View Surveys' icon 

NWytpPbSycJxKs6Sn-JlHi64uhJ7o92Nyg.png to go to their survey page.



A window will open up where you can see the 'My Homepage' for the selected participant. 

All of the response instances and assigned surveys appear in the tables.

Press  to assign a survey.

Survey Assignment Wizard

Option for Group Assignment:

If you would rather assign this survey to an entire group instead of an individual, simply select the group.

Select the Survey

Select a Schedule Type

Click here to learn more about each schedule type. 

Momentary Surveys can be set to occur multiple times within a given timeframe. For example, every 20 minutes between 8am and 12pm. You can check the box to randomize this schedule.

Repeating Surveys will set an alert for each cell selected in the "Set Dates/Times" window, and this schedule will repeat weekly for the given date range.

On Demand Surveys are always available within the date range.

Limit Dates assign the active time frame for the survey; a time frame of at least 2 days must be selected.