Survey Editor Icon Guide

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The Create Surveys page where all surveys can be viewed and edited is accessible under the "My mEMA" menu and "Create Surveys".

Survey Tools
 Resequence Use this after copying and pasting elements from different surveys, or moving the order of forms, sections or questions. This tool updates survey IDs to ensure that they are in the correct sequence.
gRNwWQNzxVGFpV1L6DvJicydGMBfqJjEaA.pngRefresh References  When copying and pasting an entire survey, this icon updates the new dependencies in relation to the new question numbers so the references are correct.
UK4Ztf5YamudD7X3AxwQcZkVOyuG-9DAAg.pngSetup Survey Periods  Allows for an extra label in the data table for time frame, useful for organizing periods of treatment.
Configure  Currently inactive- it is used for web-based surveys only
tHjXIvZM-A11nLx4Vd4Xs4kXpiHcN-d-ng.pngCheck Dependencies Reviews the survey setup to highlight problems. Errors like a dependency reference in the wrong place, analytics codes being used more than once, or codes with spaces are just a few of the glitches that will be highlighted in red if they need to be fixed.
0wMiJcQxIN_mMOhRJ1TAxIQWH4nxILEWOg.pngRestore Previous Version Currently inactive
GMKueEaBq1EZ_QEPl0VVLg6UE0jnjgZ4jA.pngPreview Entire Survey  View online version of survey. 
Note: This is not exactly how the survey will appear in the app, but is a useful tool to give you an overall idea of the survey while editing it.
Iqw9Oq3m05alD9E_V7_ew0NTqDVuO8_nSw.pngGen SAS Map  A data map compatible for SAS users.
3wCpdxIf1She3xcFFDITzqurWl_-nJKImw.pngFlat Data File Presents all the data collected in your survey for downloading.
90HGAL8jORmFiAkfp3_q4scyfqXdSsLiaw.pngReview Details Presents the survey in a simple text format showing analytics codes, answer and question numbers. 
Tip: Press command + F to quickly find specific numbers or words in your survey.

Create and Edit Surveys

When you click on the gray box surrounding any survey element, you will see the Survey Edit Icons appear. These icons give you many options creating and changing your surveys. For our purposes, a survey element is a survey, a form, a section, a question, or a sub-question. Clicking on any of these elements gives you the icons which can edit that element.

Survey Element Edit Icons
DD_fiecZPy_3SEr7WJ7wnaxScG7teBIXZg.pngAdd Survey, Form or Section

Move Form, Section or Question Up or Down

fHp3dUVQFcs1S06kJ3Mm2Lyf9QsMM1mCKQ.pngEdit Opens question wizard where text can be updated.
esMd3NUwD-w9giVARiex_8FJ9bwcBfQa_A.pngDelete Remove survey element from survey
qTynZ54hL23qjNJbLXGVyGrLdvyd-4ly5g.pngCopy Copies survey element to clipboard exactly as it is.
UoM8_QTJu_lK3ZfRW70bEMhF0RN9G9uo8A.pngCut Copies survey element to clipboard while deleting it from its present place in the survey.
SSLLS5HToUWsiErRpQBfoLC7rdHP39tXvA.pngPaste Inserts survey element copied to clipboard into survey. This icon is only presented when a survey element is in the clipboard.
Bcf8HDJKDCnoF2J24kMzTE8rupHDXrN-TQ.pngAdd Question Inserts a new blank question into the section.