mEMA App Icon Guide

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Launch Screen


iPhone launch screen appears on left (or top). Android launch screen appears on right (or bottom).

This screen will appear if the app has been opened for the first time, or after the app has been closed and re-opened. 

Mobile Code

Enter the participant's unique mobile code here.
Note: Using a different mobile code on a device will delete from the device all response data associated with previous mobile code. To begin using a new code on a device, enter 0000 and press download before entering the new code.

The URL is automatically correct. This does not need to be changed.

Existing Surveys

Opens the My Assessments screen 
Download New Assessments

Updates survey assignment information. 
Note: Strong wi-fi connection is necessary.

Home Screen



Assigned Surveys

View assigned surveys

Zad_pzQW4LVmctlWt6SzWFXC_WdgfbcwGw.pngMobile Codes 

Change mobile code and update data

Upload or Synchronize

Synchronizes all participant data
Downloads updated survey assignments and uploads responses

  • Wait for the yellow bar to completely cross the screen before exiting the app 
  • Strong internet connection is required (wi-fi is preferable to cell service)
  • Note: Icons not being visible is a symptom of incomplete download.
  • Note: This icon is labelled "Synchronize" on iPhones

My Assessments Screen



Survey Assignments

Shows schedule of survey assignments        

If "see all instances" is checked in the User Settings of the participant's Configure Parameters window, this icon will show all open, upcoming and past survey assignments and instances.

If "see all instances" is not checked it will show:

--Any open instances (uncompleted surveys still within the open window)

--User-initiated and "Ad-Hoc" instances (as with on-demand schedules)

-- It will not show upcoming or past assignments

Note: If participant reports attempting to access their survey and they see the screen below, it means that they have tapped on either the Survey Assignments icon, or the survey title, and there was no schedule. They must tap on one of the two icons listed below to take a survey.


Survey is available on-demand

Survey window is open and awaiting response. This icon is used for alert surveys such as momentary, repeating, and scheduled assignments.

My Codes Screen



Download new assessments
T6VshzL6dJGjPyf-vGIbXzq33wOlMrCyew.pngUpload New

Upload all new data and survey responses
Upload All

Upload all data and responses stored on device including previously uploaded information.

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