Android: Download the mEMA App

iOS: Download the mEMA-Sense App

Participant should have a strong internet connection when setting up the mEMA or mEMA-Sense app.

1 Participants download the mEMA app from the Google Play store, or the mEMA-Sense app from the Apple App Store. Participants need to keep the app updated and using an Apple or Android device running one of the currently supported operating systems. 

  - Important note: When installing, grant all permissions which are requested by mEMA. The mEMA app may not function correctly if it is not granted all permissions. No data will be tracked or collected unless the researcher enables those options on the participant's account.

The mEMA app Launch Screen on iPhone

2 When opening the app for the first time the participant will see the Launch Screen. They will enter the unique 8-digit mobile code you provide them with. The code should be kept on hand as it will need to be entered in again in the event the app is closed or updated. 
  - On iPhone enter the code by tapping on the padlock icon.
  - On Android enter the code by tapping anywhere on the text box.

3 After entering their mobile code the app will automatically begin to sync their survey assignments. If that doesn't happen, have the participant press "Download Updates" on iPhone, or "Download New Assessments" on Android. Again, it is important to have a strong internet connection for this step. 


The mEMA app as it's syncing

4  When downloading or uploading information in the app it is key to wait for the orange bar to move all the way from the left to the right before leaving the screen. When the data sync is complete it will take the user to the mEMA app Home Screen.

  - Important note: If the participant reports that some or all of the icons are not visible, then the download did not complete. Ask them to find a stronger internet connection and try again until all the icons are visible.