Reporting an Issue
Once you have verified that your survey is setup correctly it may be time to submit a ticket to the Help Desk.

1. Click Here to start a new support ticket

    Then provide the following information:

2. Identify the problem

    Is the survey progressing properly?

    Are icons missing?

    Is the participant able to access the surveys?

    Are notifications alerting correctly?

    Is data downloading properly?


3. Identify Users

    mEMA Account Holder and Admin Email Address

    Screen Name and Mobile Code of all participants experiencing the problem

    The  device model and operating system (OSX) each participant is using

    The survey or surveys with the problem

    The date and time the problem began

    Troubleshooting steps you have taken

4. Step by step details

    Explain each step the participant has taken during the attempt to respond to the survey

    Include screenshots of the step by step process, particularly of the point at which the issue comes up

5. Submit your ticket

     Complete the message and press submit

Note: If a problem is inconsistent (for example if some participants are experiencing the issue and some not, or if the issue comes and goes) it is likely not a bug, or problem with the software, but with the way it is setup. When a bug shows up it is consistent across all participants using the same device and operating system, even if they are assigned different surveys.