How to: Use Groups to Configure Assignments in Bulk

To create Survey Assignments and Configure Parameters for multiple participants at once, accounts can be linked into groups. 

1 Our staff will create the groups needed for your study, then you can add the participants. 

2 Participant Accounts cannot be in more than one group, Administrators can be in multiple groups. 

Survey Assignments and Momentary Parameters can be created and updated in groups or individually. 

4 To apply settings to groups select your choice from the "Group" drop-down box.  

  • Settings in both Survey Assignments and Configure Parameters immediately apply to all accounts currently in the group.
  • When new participants are added to the group, group settings need to be updated in order for them to apply to the new group member. Simply open the settings window (assignments and parameters) from any My Surveys page and save again.

Screenshot of group drop-down in Survey Assignment window

Group drop-down in Survey Assignments window

Screenshot of group drop-down in Configure Momentary Parameters window

Expanded group drop-down in Configure Parameters window

To change assignments for an individual, navigate to their My Surveys page and delete or adjust the assignment. 

Note: When changing a survey assignment from an individual respondent to a group or vise versa, a new assignment will be created. Be sure the assignments do not overlap; remove the duplicate survey, change the schedule type, or the dates.

To Delete a Group Assignment

  • Navigate to the My Surveys page for any member of the group.
  • Use the Edit Assignment (pencil) icon to open up the survey assignment box. 
  • Press "Delete Group Assignment". 
  • This will remove the assignment from every member of the group.

Important Notes: 

  • Only the Administrator account which created the group assignment can then edit or delete the group assignment.
  • Ask participants to press SYNCHRONIZE or DOWNLOAD for changes to take effect.