Troubleshooting the Garmin Vivosmart 4

Our integration with smart watches is still in development, so we welcome any potential bug reports and feedback on functionality. As of June 2019 you should be able to access the following data types second by second whenever the device is within 15 feet of the smart watch.

  • HR = instantaneous heart rate
  • IBI = inter-beat-interval
  • Steps = number of steps taken since last record (Garmin’s algorithm)
  • Calories = number of calories burned since last record (Garmin’s algorithm)
  • Floors = number of floors climbed since last record (Garmin’s algorithm)
  • Stress = stress index from 0 to 100 (Firstbeat algorithm)

If you're not seeing all these data in the data table (instructions on finding Garmin Data here) something isn't setup correctly. Here are some common causes:

Smart watch was unpaired

  •     After the smart watch has shut down due to low battery check the mEMA Sense app and pair it again if necessary
  •     If the watch as escaped the bluetooth range of 15 feet from the smart phone it will not be collecting data, in some cases it might disconnect, so its advisable to make sure the devices are connected the next time the participant fills out an assessment.

Upload times out 

  •     When uploading data from the device to the website, the amount of data to transfer can affect the speed of the upload. If it's especially slow, the user needs to pay close attention to make sure the device doesn't sleep or return to lock screen during the transfer.

It's advisable to complete data transfers at least once a day.