Garmin Data at

Note: We are still developing the Garmin interface and it is likely to change.

The Garmin Viviosmart 4 Smartwatch measures a variety of physiological markers. Paired with the mEMA Sense app you can get a log of these measurements second by second as long as the watch is within bluetooth range 15 feet of the Smartphone

Initially you see a table that shows you when the last record was received for each of your participants and how many records we have for them. This will help you monitor compliance. It also shows you when the CSV file was last updated. Newly uploaded records are updated into the participant's CSV file every half hour. Here is an example of the table:

When you click on one of the Mobile Codes it generates a table which shows you the most recent 600 rows on the screen and provides a link to download the full dataset as a CSV file:

One CSV file per participant is generated, and organized chronologically. These are the data types which can be included:

Data TypeNameDescription
accelerationAccelerationDevice's accelerometer
HRHeart Rate
Instantaneous heart rate
IBIInter-beat IntervalTime interval between individual heart beats
pulseOxPulse OxSaturation of oxygen in bloodstream
stressStressStress index from 0 to 100 (Firstbeat algorithm)
caloriesCaloriesEstimate of total calories burned for current date
floorsClimbedFloors ClimbedEstimate of floors climbed for current date
stepsStepsEstimate of steps taken for current date
intensityMinutesIntensity MinutesEstimate calculated by comparing user's average resting heart rate