Setting up mEMA on the mobile device

You can find the mEMA app in the iPhone or Android stores. Simply search for "mEMA".  Note: "mEMA-Sense" is the name of the app for iPhones/iOS.

First Enter the Mobile Code

After downloading the app for the first time, the participant will enter a unique, 8 digit "Mobile Code" into the Codes field on this screen. You can find this code through the People Finder.

 1. Click the Lock icon.


2. Delete the current number "1234".

3. Enter the Mobile Code.

4. Press OK.

Note: This screen will appear if the app has been opened for the first time, after a new download, and after the app has been closed. Once the mobile code has been entered, it will be linked to the device until the app is uninstalled or the mobile code is reset. You can reset the mobile code by changing it to "0000".

Home Screen

Uploading and Downloading Best Practices

  • Save time by only uploading survey responses, or downloading new surveys and schedules.  Synchronize to do both.

  • Wait for the yellow bar to completely cross the screen before exiting the app during upload or download.

  • A strong internet connection is recommended (Wi-Fi is preferable to cellular service).

  • Note: Icons not being visible is a symptom of incomplete download. 

My Assessments Screen


The List icon shows the schedule of survey assignments.


1. If "see all instances" is checked in the User Settings, it will show all open, upcoming, and past survey assignments and instances.

2. If "see all instances" is not checked it will show:

   Any open instances (uncompleted surveys still within the opened window).

   User-initiated and "Ad-Hoc" instances (as with on-demand schedules).

   It will not show upcoming or past assignments.


This icon indicates a survey is available on-demand.

Click the icon to start a new instance.


This icon indicates the survey window is temporarily open.

Click the icon to fill out the survey.

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