Common Assignment Errors

  1. Assigning to yourself

    1. One of the first assignments that you will make is sending the survey to yourself. Some users will assign a survey to themselves when they intended to send it to an individual or a group.


  2. Assigning to the wrong group

    1. Assigning to a group helps you prevent user error by sending a survey to a group rather than send them to individuals. However, if you have more than one group created you will need to make sure that you are assigning the survey to the correct group.

    2. It’s also important to note that any participant added to the group after the assignment is made will not receive the assignment, you will need to re-assign the survey.


  3. Assigning the wrong survey

    1. Once surveys have been created and groups/individuals have been selected to take the survey you must be mindful that you are assigning the correct survey to the participants.

  4. Overlapping Survey Windows

    1. When there are overlapping windows of availability so that two instances are available when you enter the app, the most recent survey instance will be presented even if it has already been completed.


  5. Selecting the wrong schedule type

    1. By selecting the wrong schedule type you run the risk of not getting the information outside of the parameters of your study.


  6. Entering an incorrect start/end date

    1. Start and end dates cannot be less than 24 hours apart

    2. You should be mindful of entering the correct start and end dates for the survey. The system automatically sets the start and end dates based on the date that they survey was created.

  7. Entering wrong time/time zone

    1. It’s also important you are aware of the time zone. This can alter the perception of the time that participants should receive the survey.

  8. Multiple assignments for the same survey

    1. Including multiple assignments to the same survey can create overlapping windows and the opportunity for a user to edit or change their previous answers.

  9. Note: Significant changes to survey structures and data types should never be made after a survey has been used to collect live data. This can break the data already collected.

    • If changes are required after data collection has begun, the survey should be copy and pasted, and the changes made to the new copy.