Turn on passive data collection on any mobile device

Make sure your participants know what data you're collecting and ask them to choose "allow" for all permission requests from the mEMA app. They may need to update security settings in their device as well.  
Everything for setting up sensors can be done while Configuring Parameters for an individual or group.  

The sensor settings are at the bottom of the parameters wizard.

The first option you see is Sensors and Location 

Enable Device Sensors turns on any and all sensors that may be available from the device. 

Record Location at Time of Assessment This takes a latitude and longitude reading and records it along with the survey response. This setting will override any other geolocation or geofencing options- so don't use it unless it's the only geo location feature you're using.

Record All Acceleration This keeps a record of the reading the device's accelerometer is already taking for things like location services, step counting, gaming, etc.

Geo Tracking

Tracking Mode What should trigger location tracking? 

  • Distance and Time When the device moves a certain distance for a certain amount of time, enough to confirm they've left the house for example, start taking location coordinates every ____ minutes.

  • Periodic Record location for a certain amount of time at a certain interval. For example once every hour would be "minutes on" =1  "minutes off" = 59

Remember: Geo Tracking will not work if you leave "Record location at time of Assessment" checked on the previous drop down menu item "Sensors and Location"

Audio Tracking

Tracking Mode What type of audio data do you want?

  • Average Amplitude See data on presence of sound and it's volume
  • Voice Activity See data on the quality of sound available
  • With "Foreground Only" on it will collect measurements only when a survey is open.

Note: It's a good idea to make a note of each device, make and model for the participants you plan to collect sensor data from. If you end up having any questions or issues with individual data, the first thing our customer support team will ask you for is the type of device (Apple or Android), the model, and the Operating System ("OS") along with the mobile code for the participant. 

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