Setting up mEMA on the mobile device

You can find the mEMA app in the Google Play store by searching for "mEMA".

Open mEMA and allow all requested permissions.

You should now be on the initial start-up screen 

Screenshot of initial app page

If you are not using Garmin wearable integrations, please ignore the Enable Garmin checkbox and continue with the remainder of this article.

If you are using Garmin wearable integrations, please follow this link for instructions to pair your Garmin device. After pairing your Garmin device, please resume setup instructions in this article.

On the initial opening screen, sync user's Mobile Code
  • This unique 8 digit "Mobile Code" can be found by clicking the People Finder icon in the mEMA website.

Screenshot website people finder icon

Screenshot website people finder result

  • In the app, tap on the text box by "Code" label

Screenshot Mobile Code entry field

  • Input Mobile Code when phone keyboard slides into view.
  • Press down arrow icon by "Download New Assessments". 
  • An alert stating "Downloading Updates" will appear while an orange progress bar advances in the background.

Screenshot of app downloading updates progress bar

  • Allow the progress bar to completely advance the width of the screen, as interrupted downloads can cause issues.
  • Note: The initial opening screen will appear if the app has been opened for the first time, after a new download and after the app has been closed. Once the mobile code has been entered, it will be linked to the device until the app is uninstalled or the mobile code is reset. You can reset the mobile code by changing it to "0000".
  • Upon successful download, the app will open to the Home Screen.
  • The device may prompt you to grant more permissions. Grant all permissions whether or not you plan to use them in your surveys. They are required for the app to run correctly.
  • Note: Data will not actually be collected unless the participant's configuration settings are set for collecting that data.

Home Screen

Screenshot of app home screen

Uploading and Downloading Best Practices

  • Save time by only uploading responses and not checking for updates, or the other way around. Synchronize to to both.
  • Wait for the yellow bar to completely cross the screen before exiting the app on upload or download.
  • Strong internet connection is required (wi-fi is preferable to cell service)
  • Note: Icons not being visible is a symptom of incomplete download. 

My Assessments Screen


list icon

The List icon shows schedule of survey assignments.

1. If "See All Instances" is checked in the User Settings it will show all open, upcoming and past survey assignments and instances.

2. If "See All Instances" is not checked it will show:

   Any open instances (uncompleted surveys still within the open window)

   User-initiated and "Ad-Hoc" instances (as with on-demand schedules)

   It will not show upcoming or past assignments

plus icon

The Plus icon indicates survey is available on-demand. Click the icon to start a new instance

arrow icon

The Arrow icon indicates the survey window is temporarily open. Click the icon to fill out the survey.

home icon

The Home icon returns the user to the Home screen.