How To: Use forms and sections to organize a survey

  • Forms and sections are basic, optional, tiers for organizing a survey. 
  • Their titles do not appear in the app. 
  • Use sections to group similar questions so they are easier to rearrange in the survey.

1 To create a new Form or Section click

Click Screenshot 2016-10-03 17.58.53.png next to the form or section field to give it a title.

To open the form or section you wish to edit, click the button to      the left of it's name. 

    Use the green triangles to adjust the order.

At the Form and Section levels if you change the Value then you can weight that entire Form or Section.

5 Use Sections or Forms in Conditional Questions

Click here to learn how to setup conditional questions a.k.a. "dependencies"

Enter a question number and answer value into the dependencies field in the title wizard of the form or section to make it appear in a survey based on a response to a specific question. 

6 Icons at the Section Level

Edit Open the Title Wizard to set titles, texts and codes and to enter dependencies. 

Delete Delete the current section along with all questions and answers contained within it.

Add Question: Add a question directly below.

Copy: Put the current section on the clipboard for pasting later.

Cut: Puts the current section on the clipboard while simultaneously removing it from the current form.

Paste: Paste whatever section or question is in the clipboard. This icon is invisible until there is   something in the clipboard 

       Note: Remember to change the short text and codes for any copied questions, otherwise the codes              used more than once can cause problems.

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