How To: Use images 

We cover a lot of ground in this article!

Adding Images to the Photo Library

1 Adjust the image filename:
    - Only lowercase letters

    - No spaces 

    - Example: underscores_as_spaces.jpg

Optimize image:

  - We recommend the image be square or close to square

  - Optimal file size is 300x300 pixels

Drag the images one by one directly from your folder into the "survey images" field:

Use Images as a Response Option

Images can be used instead of text as response options in the following question types:

Single Selection

Multiple Selection
Continuous Sliders
Discrete Sliders

1 Click Edit next to the question to open the wizard pictured below

Click the image icon next to the response field to select an image from your survey's photo library pictured below    

3 Type a label for the image into the Short Text field and press Tab. 

    - Enter the image's filename in the Long Text field. 

    -The Code field will already be filled in, but you can edit it.

    - Click "Set Parameters" to save.

     Use Images in the Text of a Question

After adding the image to the library enter the filename of the image into the Long Text box .

Images in the App

See how images will appear when viewed in a survey.

1 Single Selection and Multiple Selection Questions 

    - Both square and rectangular images to be used in the response fields.

2 Matrix Questions (to the right) 

  - Allow only square images. 

  - Rectangle images appear distorted.

3 Continuous Sliders 

and Discrete Sliders 

- Show the images at either end.


Allow User to Take a Photo

You can prompt the participant to take a photo during the assessment

1 Create a Text Entry Question

Type something in the Short Text box. 

3 Add the suffix "_IMG" in the Analytics Code field.

Example the Analytics Code might me"HOME_IMG" or "LUNCH_IMG"

When the participant uploads their data, the images will be on to the mEMA server and viewable in the 

     Flat Data File.

5 The question appears like so: