Sub-questions are triggered by one previous answer, conditional questions can be triggered by multiple previous questions.

-When you create dependencies at the question level you create skip patterns.


If you have one question that you want to ask only if a respondent chooses one particular response to a previous question then you can simply add the conditional sub-question right below the trigger response. Important note: Multiple sub-questions should not be set to the same answer. If multiple follow-up questions are required, please use Dependencies. 

Click into the field of the trigger answer and the icon set will appear towards the right. Click the blue question mark icon and add a new question as you would any other. This new question will be indented so you can see it is a sub-question that is dependent on that particular response being selected.

This sub-question will only be presented to your respondents if they select the trigger response on the previous question, otherwise they'll skip right over it and never even see it.


  1. Sub-questions can be created based on responses to the following question types: Single Selection, Multiple Selection, Discrete Sliders, and Drop Downs. Conversely, Dependencies can be set on additional question types. Please see the article on setting up dependencies for more information.
  2. Sub-questions can only be set to one previous answer. They cannot be nested - i.e., a sub-question can't be set on another sub-question.