Configure Parameters  

Set time zone, set the open and close windows, set reminders, adjust user permissions, turn on auto upload, turn on GPS and passive sensor data collection.

Click the gear icon to change settings for an individual participant or group. 

Configure Parameters

All the options and features you can adjust in the wizard pictured above are explained from top to bottom.

Time Zone 

Use this for specifying the time zone that you want to see this user's assignments in. No matter what time zone is set, the assignment will alert at the time it is set to in their current location.

Availability Windows 
Choose how long a survey is available before and after the time it's scheduled for.


Set additional notifications to go out after the initial alert is ignored.

Note: Do not set reminders to occur after a survey availability window closes. For example, if an availability window closes after 10 minutes, do not set reminders to repeat for a count of 3 times at an interval of 5 minutes. The third reminder would come 15 minutes after the first scheduled notification but the survey would be unavailable to them.

User Permissions

See All Instances Allows participant to view a list of upcoming scheduled alerts for all their surveys. We recommend this remain unchecked for data collection. 

Can Backstep Allows participant to go backwards in the survey and change previous answers.

On Demand Access Allows participant to take the survey whenever they want, a.k.a "Ad Hoc". The questionnaire is available even if there is no currently open scheduled instance.

Delete Instances This is only relevant when "See All Instances" is checked and allows users to delete from the device any previously completed survey instances. If these have already been submitted to the mEMA platform then this function will only delete the local device copy.

Auto Upload Automatically initiate an upload of response data when a questionnaire is completed

  • Notes 
    • This will only upload from the participant's account, not synchronize or download. If Auto Upload is selected in the participant's account and their schedule or user settings are changed, the participant will still have to synchronize the mEMA app on their phone to download new settings.
    • The upload will include new survey response data, sensor data and Garmin data.

Close Availability Window on Done 

        Closes a survey instance's availability when the participant taps the "DONE" button at the end of the survey, whether or not time remains in the Availability Window.

  • Example: A participant has an Availability Window of 15 minutes for Momentary Assessments, and a Momentary Assessment assigned at 1:00 pm. They complete it at 1:02 pm. If this option is selected, the Availability Window will close at 1:02 pm. If this option is not selected, they will be able to re-enter or change the survey instance until 1:15 pm.

Sensors and Location

This data is only available on select accounts, please contact your account manager to learn more.

Enable Device Sensors Available on select accounts

Check this if you want to collect in-phone sensor data from user's phones such as barometric pressure, temperature, and more. 

Record Location at Time of Assessment  Available on select accounts

Check this if you want to collect location information from user's phones. This is required for any location tracking features.

Click here to learn more about this option.

Record All Acceleration  Available on select accounts

Check this if you want to collect raw accelerometer data from user's phones.

In the Sensors and Location drop-down menu:

Geo Tracking Available on select accounts. 
In this window you have to option to capture geolocation data periodically according specified times, or by distance and time triggered by how far the device has traveled. 
Click here to learn more about the different ways to use Geolocation Services. 

Audio Tracking and Sound Recording Available on select accounts. 

When enabled this feature collects information regarding sound occurring near the device. Choose whether to track all sound, just human voices, both, or none. Select the frequency of audio tracking with the Time On and Time Between boxes, or choose for audio collection only when a survey is open.
Click here to learn more about understanding the audio tracking data table.

Note: Significant changes to survey structures and data types should never be made after a survey has been used to collect live data. This can break the data already collected.

  • If changes are required after data collection has begun, the survey should be copy and pasted, and the changes made to the new copy.