From the Sensor Data Table, click on the icon below to view the participant's GPS data:  

The table lists samples in reverse chronological order, i.e. starting with the most recent. Only the first 100 samples are displayed. To download the complete data file for the participant, click on the "Download CSV" link.


  • If your account is set up to only collect GPS at the time of survey completion then the GPS coordinates will be in the Flat Data File along with the survey data.
  • You may see more columns than are outlined in this guide. Different phones and services provide additional GPS data types. Here we cover the main ones.

Data TypeDefinition
Date/TimeTimestamp in local time (according to the phone) in milliseconds
  • LocSvc: resume/pause
mEMA turns location service on/off as app goes into background/foreground. This is usually only active when the phone is only recording location data at the time of survey to conserve battery.
  • Activating
The phone is attempting to get the location services to run
  • Enabling timer
When the app is engaged in periodic geotracking the location services are turned on/off
  • GPS disabled / network disabled
End user has turned off location services on phone 
  • Status changed
Satellite connection lost momentarily 
  • Location changed
GPS coordinates changed since last recording
EnabledThe location tracking is turned on
TypeWhich types of location services were available at this time.
Network = cell or wifi
GPS = satellite
SourceWhich type was the source
AccuracyIn meters. As supplied by source
Latitude / LongitudeLocation coordinates
Timezone offsetSeconds from GMT
Secs On / OffCurrent settings (If Periodic Geotracking is enabled)
IntervalIn seconds. Minimum time interval between updates
DistanceIn meters. Minimum distance between updates
GeofencesNumber of Geofences active at time