Pair your viviosmart 4 

Please note that the following steps are for mEMA-Sense on iPhone. Please follow this link to pair your Garmin device on mEMA for Android.


  1. Phone's Bluetooth should be turned on.
  2. vivosmart 4 should be:
    1. Reset to factory default -- Instructions taken from Garmin website
      1. Press Device menu symbol  to view the menu.
      2. Select Settings menu symbol > Device information symbol  > Reset.

      3. Select an option:

        1. To reset all of the device settings to the factory default values and save all user-entered information and activity history, select Reset Default Settings.

        2. Recommended -- To reset all of the device settings to the factory default values and delete all user-entered information and activity history, select Delete Data and Reset Settings.

      4. Once option is selected, an informational message scrolls in the device.

      5. Press Device menu symbol  

      6. Select Checkmark symbol  

    2. Turned on 
    3. Within Bluetooth range of phone
  3. Garmin Connect app should not be installed on phone.
    1. If Garmin Connect was previously installed on phone, uninstall Garmin Connect
  4. If the vivosmart 4 was previously paired on phone:
    1. In phone's Bluetooth settings, forget the vivosmart 4
    2. The vivosmart 4 should be re-started (plugged in and then unplugged)

Steps to pair:

1. Upon download, the opening screen for mEMA-Sense will show that the app has already begun searching for your Garmin wearable device in the Devices section.
2. Initiate Bluetooth pairing on your Garmin wearable. In these steps we will show you with the vivosmart 4.

On your vivosmart 4, scroll through their icon menu, select the Bluetooth menu, then select the Bluetooth pairing icon.
2a. Scroll through Icon Menu
2b. Select the Bluetooth menu
2c. Select the Bluetooth pairing icon
3. When vivosmart 4 begins pairing, you will see that the device has been found by mEMA app. Press the green "Pair" button to complete pairing.
4. You'll receive a Bluetooth Pairing Request alert from your iPhone, requesting a 6 digit code. Tap the text entry field to type in the code which appears on the vivosmart 4.
4a. The 6 digit pairing code will appear on your vivosmart 4. Type that code onto the Bluetooth Pairing Request alert on your iPhone and select "Pair".

Note: Code is randomly generated each time. The code in the image is not the code which will be required to pair your devices.

5. Once paired, the Garmin device icon at the top-right of the screen will no longer be grayed out, and Garmin data types will begin to be recorded in mEMA. You can check or uncheck different data types to determine which to keep for your study. To learn more about the different data types, follow this link.

In order to stop monitoring Garmin data, tap green "Stop Monitoring" command in the Devices section.

In order to forget the vivosmart 4 device which you have paired, tap the red "Forget" command in the Devices section.

Note: We recommend not enabling notifications through the Garmin. We can't control when those notifications are sent or when they will be displayed on the Garmin, which can lead to delayed notification times and other issues.

When the Garmin device is first paired, an alert will appear on the phone asking if you would like to allow the Garmin device to display notifications. Select "Don't Allow".

If Notifications permission was given to the Garmin device, it can still be turned off. To turn off notification permission for the Garmin, go to the phone's Settings menu > Bluetooth > vivosmart 4, click on the "i" icon next to the device name

Toggle off permission for "Share System Notifications"

Once paired:

The following conditions need to be met for Garmin data to be collected by the mEMA or mEMA-Sense apps:

  1. Phone's Bluetooth turned on
  2. Garmin device paired in the app
    1. This should only need to be done at setup.
  3. The Garmin device and the phone within Bluetooth range of each other
    1. The exact range will depend on the phone model. Most phone models have a Bluetooth range of at least 50 meters.
  4. The app should be open in the background
    1. The app can only collect data while it is open. If the app is closed, 
  5. The phone should not automatically close the app
    1. Phones have battery-saving features which will automatically close an app in the background. This article contains more information on how to exempt mEMA or mEMA-Sense from those settings.
  6. The participant should upload the Garmin data
    1. The app doesn't initiate a Garmin data upload on its own. Garmin data is uploaded at one of two times:
      1. When Auto Upload is enabled on a participant's account and they have just finished a survey assignment
      2. When the participant initiates an upload event in the appby pressing any of the following: 
        1. Home Page - Synchronize
        2. My Codes Page - Upload New, Upload All