Begin Troubleshooting

If the mEMA App isn't operating properly, start by looking at the following probable causes. 

A discrepancy in setup could cause an array of different issues. 

  1. Is the most recent version of the App being used?
  2. Has the device's operating system, (OSX) recently been updated?
    1. New versions of an operating system often introduce issues. We do not support the latest OS release until after we've completed testing and updated the mEMA app.
  3. Has the upload (syncing) completed?
    1. Strong internet connection is crucial
    2. Allow plenty of time for the yellow bar to cross the screen before navigating away. 
  4. Does the participant have the same survey assigned more than once, and/or at overlapping times? More Screenshot of survey assignments with same survey
  5. Are the "Start/End Dates" accurate? More
  6. Are any Short Text or Analytics Codes duplicated? More 
    1. When using the copy and paste feature in the survey creator it's important to remember to update and change the Short Text Codes. 
    2. Remember all codes need an underscore _ instead of a space and all capital letters. More
  7. Are conditional questions (dependencies) setup correctly? More
    1. Use the "Check Dependencies" feature  
    2. Questions must be in the correct order
    3. Values inserted into conditional questions must be accurate
  8. Is the survey configured properly for all participants in the group? More

Note: Significant changes to survey structures and data types should never be made after a survey has been used to collect data. This will break data already collected.

  • If changes are required after data collection has begun, a new survey should be created. Copy and paste the original, and then make changes to the new copy.
    • Note: Test the new survey on devices to verify that all data was copied correctly.

Once you have verified that your survey is indeed set up correctly, 

click here to learn how to submit the issue to the HelpDesk.